Want to know how to descale your SteamOne garment steamer? To prolong the life of your appliance, cleaning your steamer regularly is essential. Limescale deposits and scale build-up can damage your accessory.

Discover all our advice for safe maintenance and descaling of your steamer .

How to descale a SteamOne garment steamer?

To clean your SteamOne garment steamer safely, follow our safe and effective descaling procedure for your household appliances.

Why clean your SteamOne steamer regularly?

Over time, the limestone contained in tap water accumulates in the tank and pipes of your steamer. If the first times, the presence of tartar is not noticed, after several months or years of good and loyal service, real pieces of limestone are created. They then obstruct the ducts of your steamer or steam generator, thus hindering their proper functioning.

This is why regular maintenance of your SteamOne garment steamer is essential.

How to descale a SteamOne garment steamer: drain it

To clean your SteamOne garment steamer, drain it by following these simple steps:

  1. Disconnect the hose and rod
  2. Fill the water tank up to the maximum recommended water level
  3. Replace the tank in the steamer
  4. Unscrew the drain plug above a washbasin or sink
  5. Just let the water flow

This simple manipulation makes it possible to remove the tartar retained in the device.

What product should I use to descale a garment steamer?

It is not always necessary or even desirable to use products to descale your appliances. First, follow the descaling process described above without adding any product to the water tank.

If the manipulation did not give the expected results, add a part of white vinegar for two parts of water to your tank. Then switch on the appliance and after a heating time, let the water tank empty.

How to descale a SteamOne garment steamer? Finally, by using products specially designed to fight against limescale. Diluted in the water contained in the water tank, they overcome the most stubborn clogs.

How to maintain your steamer?

To preserve the longevity of your appliance, it is important to maintain your steamer regularly by carrying out a few simple actions:

  • Drain the device 2 to 3 times a month
  • Regularly clean the exterior of the appliance with clear water

Finally, our appliances benefit, in their latest version, from innovative technology with a simplified descaling function allowing regular descaling without stress. Our goal is to make your daily life easier by developing devices that are as sophisticated as they are easy to use.

You now know how to descale a SteamOne garment steamer. For even more advice, do not hesitate to consult our guide: how to use your clothes steamer . Simplify your life with SteamOne garment steamers.