For many people, fabric disinfection is of great importance. This is even more so in times of pandemic. SteamOne pays great attention to ensuring that its devices allow perfect fabric disinfection. The medical profession can count on our garment steamers to perfectly disinfect the gowns of health professionals.

Disinfection of fabrics with the garment steamer


Did you know that steam has great disinfectant properties? Already widely used by large ready-to-wear brands to disinfect clothes, steamers are also accessible to the general public.

In these times of pandemic, SteamOne attaches great importance to the effectiveness of fabric disinfection by its devices. The company has conducted studies with an independent French laboratory and the results are clear: The powerful SteamOne vapor eliminates 99% of COVID-19* on the most used textiles in the ready-to-wear industry.

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How to disinfect a garment? 

Disinfecting fabrics, whether clothing or any other object, is a very simple process with a good garment steamer. Disinfection can be done on any type of textile, whether cotton, linen or even wool. Unlike the iron, the garment steamer smoothens your clothes without the risk of damaging their fibers.

The only thing to do to disinfect and sanitize your fabrics is to know how to use our devices which are all very easy to use! SteamOne's first mission is to guarantee the best of technology and design by offering practical and easy-to-use devices, 100% designed and engineered in France.

How does the steam disinfection of fabrics work? 

Water vapor is simply water in the gaseous state. It is obtained by heating water to a temperature of about 98 degrees Celsius. This is the temperature observed at the outlet of our garment steamer.

The water contained in the removable tank of a garment steamer is, in fact, heated to boil using the boiler and rises to a temperature of 98 degrees Celsius before being transformed into steam. 

It is this warm and gentle steam that allows fabrics to be sanitized and disinfected without damaging them, while eliminating bad odors. A natural way to disinfecting which is not harmful to health and the environment without any chemicals.

Water vapor really has virtues unsuspected by most of us! It allows the natural elimination of viruses, bacteria and microbes on your clothes and home fabrics such as cushions, carpets, bedsheets, curtains and more.

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