Acquiring the skill

Steam and wear? So easy! Our garment steamers are intuitive, and anyone can use them. Unlike ironing, which requires careful positioning of clothes on the board, steaming is very easy... To achieve an impeccable result, here are a few tips.

Tip number 1

How to Steam using steamone garment steamer

Hold the bottom of your garment to tighten the fabric with one hand and hold the steam head with the other.

Tip number 2

How to Steam using steamone garment steamer

Place the steam head on the fabric with full contact to allow steam to thoroughly penetrate the fibers. Contactless steaming will not be effective.

Tip number 3

How to Steam using steamone garment steamer

You can steam by gliding the steam head inside the garment to remove creases at the bottom of the garment.

What to remember

It is mandatory to place the steam head on the clothes with full contact to make sure the steam penetrates through the fibers.

For a flawless finish

The brush

You can use it for thicker fabrics like jeans or heavyweight cotton clothing. It helps steam penetrate the material more effectively while removing lint and particles.

The mini board

This mini-board will enable you to do the finishing for sleeves, pockets and short collars.

The multifunction hanger

Perfect for hanging any type of clothing.

The glove

Can be used for the hand that holds the garment to tighten it, so that steaming can proceed safely, avoiding the risk of burns.

The suction hook

This comes only with the S-Nomad range and allows for portable steaming anywhere with a suitable surface such as window or mirror.


Watch how to steam a work shirt and pants with our tips and accessories >>>


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