One requisite: Excellence

SteamOne has a mission:

Guaranteeing top technology and design with the offer of convenient and easy-to-use products for the most demanding customers who care about their clothes.

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A responsible brand: French manufacturing

  • In compliance with the highest standards and to offer high quality products, SteamOne manufactures its products (vertical steamers) in France on 2 industrial sites. In addition, in order to maintain its pioneering position and take the next steps in terms of research and development, we have a team of engineers and designers in France who are working on continuous product improvement while also searching for new concepts.



The SteamOne trademark is also a clever mix of performance and aesthetics. This is at the heart of SteamOne brand's identity and is reflected in our constant quest for both elegance and refinement. 

Stable Base

Our ultra-compact bases are suitable for all types of flooring. The bases have been designed and engineered to include a high-stability underframe that avoids any risk of tipping over.

The Rod

  • Our Stilys steamer has a sturdy, aluminum, height-adjustable telescopic rod. Minilys 2 steamer has non-adjustable height rod.
  • With 3 sections that can be adjusted thanks to a clip system, the device can be very discreet, optimizing storage, and can deploy completely depending on the height of the user or the length of the clothes to be steamed.
  • Our devices are 75 cm to 168 cm high (depending on the model).

The Removable Tank

  • With a capacity of 1L to 1.2L, it has a handy handle that makes it easy to grasp.
  • Very easy to use, just flip it over and unscrew the cap to fill it.
  • Tap water can be used to steam your clothes with our SteamOne garment steamers.

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The Steam Head

  • The shape of the head is designed to limit condensation.
  • Its stainless steel sole is durable and scratch-proof.
  • Its handle is user-friendly and light, making it comfortable even for prolonged use.
  • Our technology does not require the presence of heating elements under the soleplate. The steam comes out at close to 100 degrees Celsius, a temperature which does not burn nor glaze garments.

The Steam Hose

  • All our products are equipped with an ultra-strong hose covered in a special braid that provides triple thermal protection.
  • The outside temperature of the hose is always low enough that it can be easily and safely grasped.
  • It has a spring at its end that avoids twists and facilitates handling

Smart Electronic Control

  • The control panel with backlit adjustable power setting button gives direct access to low power (Eco mode) and maximum power (Boost mode).
  • On each model, the empty water tank indicator (blinks red) lets you know when to fill the tank.


The Heating Unit

  • High-performance heating units have high power 2000W and are made from very robust materials (aluminum) for ultimate durability.
  • Their precision thermostat ensures a constant and stable flow of steam.

The Gravity Feed

  • The water feed system from the heater relies on an external buffer tank that communicates between the removable tank and the heating unit.
  • This system does not require a pump, and therefore limits any risk of failure and offers unlimited autonomy since it means that the removable tank can be filled while in use.
  • You can use either tap water or demineralized water.

Automatic Shutdown

  • Our devices are equipped with a safety system that automatically shuts off power in case you forget to turn it off.

Anti Limescale System

  • To increase the longevity of the heating unit, the device should be regularly and completely drained using the tartar-collecting cap located under the base.
  • We recommend that you do so at least every two months. Thanks to our tartar collector cap, maintaining your steamer is very easy!
  • Descaling made easy. Designed by SteamOne teams, the new drain cap, with its external thread, makes maintenance much easier and therefore extends the life of the steamer.


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