Garment care and slow fashion, an eco-responsible trend!

SteamOne Singapore Malaysia how to care for your clothes

Fashion is revolutionizing. Slow fashion and eco-responsible consumption patterns are becoming rewarding behaviors for oneself and to protect the planet. As consumers become more aware of climate change and how their over-reliance on fast fashion has a negative impact on the environment, the choice to favor sustainable brands, resale and secondhand market is gaining followers throughout the fashion world.

The phenomenon is widely seen among fashionistas who now proudly display their mixed, new & used looks. For some of us, it is increasingly important to learn how to take good care of our clothes. Making second-hand clothes like new or extending their lifespan is here to stay.

How to care for your clothes? 

1. Wash your washing machine regularly

Let's start with the basics. If your washing machine has a self-clean function, choose that cycle and follow the manufacturer's instructions to clean the inside of the machine.
Otherwise, pour half a bottle of white vinegar into the laundry tub and the rest of the bottle directly into the drum. Then start a warm washing cycle. You can do this once a month and don't forget to clean the filter. End by wiping down regularly where dust collects.

2. Bright whites, soft and fresh linen

With each wash, separate the whites from the rest of the colors, it seems obvious but due to lack of time, we are often tempted not to do it. To bring out the shine of white more effectively, pre-wash your white laundry by soaking it the night before in a cold water bath with your detergent and baking soda. (About 180g for a 4L container). The next day, put this soaked cloth directly in your machine by adding 1 glass of white vinegar in your laundry compartment and off you go.

For the rest of the colors, if you have stained clothes, you can apply the same prewash ritual as for white. In addition to the detergent, put half a glass of white vinegar in the detergent compartment each time you wash it. This will allow you to prolong the original colors and there is no need to use fabric softener anymore!

3. Smart drying for anti-crease

The drying step has an essential role in saving time. The idea is to stretch and tighten your laundry right out of the machine. This will allow you to store it directly in your dressing room once dry. Thus, you will only have to smooth out your clothes before getting dressed.

4. Decrease the spin speed.

The false good idea is to push the speed high by telling yourself that it will dry faster. However, the best way to get out a lightly wrinkled laundry is to spin at 500 rpm maximum. Of course, the laundry is more humid when it comes out of the machine, but the fibers will be less damaged and will be easier to smooth out.

5. Keep the original shape of the garment and smooth out.

Stretch and tighten your laundry right out of the machine and start with your clothes. Leave the socks to the end. The technique is to space them out on the laundry poles so that they dry more easily while letting air pass through. It also allows you to retain their original shape. Another tip is to hang them on a hanger immediately, taking care to align the seams and thus allowing them to dry without becoming deformed. Remember to button all buttons and close the zippers to keep the original shape.

After that, your garment is ready to be smoothed out in a few minutes using a steamer. A garment steamer allows you to unwrinkle your clothes quickly by taking good care of the fabrics. 

6. Wash your clothes less (really)

The final tip is to actually wash your clothes less. Especially if you perspire little or have been staying in the air-con room all day. The benefit, if you have a steamer, is to take advantage of the properties of the hot steam which not only smoothes your garment, it also refreshes, disinfects and reduces odour. It's good for saving time, preserving your clothes and good for the planet.

Caring for your clothes is here to stay. Nothing is more rewarding than learning to "do things by yourself". Sewing on a button, modernizing a garment, shining your shoes, steaming… are useful and simple gestures that help increases your self-confidence.

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