SteamOne is for anyone who finds ironing an unbearable chore, but who needs their outfit to look flawless every day.

SteamOne is for anyone who doesn't have the time or doesn't know how to iron well - our solution: smooth it and wear it! Simply place your garment on a hanger, smooth out the creases, and wear immediately.

Debunking common misconceptions about garment steamers!

1. Is the steamer only useful for shirts?

False. The steamer is suitable for all types of clothing: shirts, dresses, jackets, tops, pants... It is even essential for certain parts that cannot be ironed. The gentle steam is safe and won’t leave a shine on your suits, for instance. Thanks to the steamer, you can save on dry cleaning!

2. Is the steamer only effective for certain fabrics?

False. The steamer offers impeccable results on any type of fabric, from jeans to silk to linen, cotton, muslin, mixed fabrics... It is as effective on tight, thick fibers as it is on fluid, lightweight fabrics. It is also the only device capable of smoothing wrinkles from embellishments such as sequins, sequins, embroidery or flock without the risk of altering the garment.

3. Do condensates leave dirt on fabric?

False. Condensation is a normal physical phenomenon. It may happen that a few droplets of water gather at the holes of the steam head especially when the steamer has yet to heat up completely. However, unlike soleplates on irons, there is no limescale residue in this part of the steamer. Which means no risk of leaving any dirt.

4. Is this a device for professionals only?

False. SteamOne acquired its expertise in contact with garment professionals, by developing solutions that are suitable for intensive use with a high efficiency demand. The brand developed this know-how in a domestic version, and is now able to offer consumers high-performance products for a professional result at home.

5. Aren't garment steamers not as fast as a steam iron?

False. Our garment steamers heat up in optimal time thanks to ultra-powerful heating units. They are ready to be used in 60s, or even 45s or 30s, depending on the model. Compared to the time required for steam irons to start up and for setting up the ironing board, the garment steamer is very fast.

6. Is the steamer cumbersome?

False. With the steamer, you don't need an ironing board! Thanks to this all-in-one device, you can finally get rid of this accessory that is so bulky to use and store. In addition, our garment steamers were designed to occupy minimum floor space.

7. Is the steamer less efficient than an iron?

False. Unlike an iron that flattens fibers and stiffens clothes, the steam from the garment steamer gently works through all textiles and relaxes the fibers. No more cardboard effect, the steamer gives fabrics back their fullness, and offers real comfort in clothing. Accessories are also available if crease lines on pants and shirts are needed. Moreover you will not need extra space or time to set up your ironing board.

8. Is the steamer bulky?

False. There are a variety of models for all needs, including compact versions . With a clean design and sleek look, they blend in with all types of decor. Depending on your needs, you could choose between portable or vertical models for your home.

Lightweight and compact, garment steamers are easy to handle and have a removable tank. They are therefore easily stored in your living area and are ideal for small spaces!

    Reasons to Steam

    1. Compact

    No need for an ironing board, ideal for small spaces

    2. Fast

    Ready to use in 30, 45 or 60 seconds depending on the model

    3. Practical

    Suitable for all types of materials and all types of clothing

    Key Features


    Gentle steam gives you flawless results without any danger of burning your fabric or leaving it with unintended shine.


    Removable tank can be filled while being used, for unlimited autonomy.


    Accessories make it easy to use with impeccable finishes (includes a hanger, mini-board for collars and cuffs, brush tool, glove, suction hook, etc).


    Aluminum heating unit, stainless steel base and anti-limescale system (easy drain) ensure optimal performance and longevity.


    Telescopic rod, ultra-light handle, adjustable power setting and compact base make it ergonomically friendly.


    The steamer can also be used to clean or refresh sofas, bedding, curtains, carpets, soft toys, baby stroller...


    SteamOne, the ally of fashionistas

    • The garment steamer is a must-have for anyone who is committed to taking care of their wardrobe. Using gentle steam, a garment steamer is a key accessory for smoothing complex or delicate items such as suits and pleated skirts.
    • It is also designed to preserve delicate textiles such as silk or satin and for all sophisticated fabrics: sequin tops, embroidered shirts, flock, sequins... SteamOne preserves fibers and helps keep your favorite clothes looking great for much longer.

    Wearing steamed clothes?

    Nothing easier. Start with SteamOne.


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    SteamOne steam blast removes 99.99% of bacteria, germs and viruses in one single pass

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