2000: The founding brothers of SteamOne, David and Olivier Gabison, are entrepreneurs in the luxury ready-to-wear industry. They discovered the garment steamers during a stay in the USA.

2003: Passionate about fashion and well before anyone else, the brothers started to import steamers and became the garment steamer pioneers in France.

SteamOne Singapore Malaysia Garment Steamer French Success Story

2010: Europe's first professional garment steamer brand, SteamOne, was established and it quickly became the French benchmark for garment steamers equipping 2 out of every 3 ready-to-wear boutiques in France.

SteamOne Singapore Malaysia garment steamer French benchmark

2012: Building on its success with professionals, SteamOne entered the consumer market, informing consumers about garment steamers and offering everyone high-performance products for a professional result at home.

Steamone singapore malaysia garment steamer consumer market

2020: SteamOne celebrated its 10th anniversary and signed its ambition to become the value leader on the world market. 

Since then, SteamOne has become a well-established player on the international market. By adapting our offer to the needs and preferences of the markets internationally, SteamOne is now available in more than 53 countries globally.

Steamone singapore malaysia international garment steamer brand 


All SteamOne products are 100% designed and engineered in France. Our made in France models include the Stilys and Minilys 2.

Behind the scenes of the design and engineering process by our French engineers...


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