The French company, a pioneer in Europe in France, in garment steamer market, has become the leader in the professional market in less than ten years, competing with the giants of the appliance industry. SteamOne stands out for it's technological excellence, design and ease of use of these products, which have been extremely successful in France (number one) and abroad.


It was in the United States, in early 2000s, where the brothers Olivier and David Gabison, professionals in the ready-to-wear industry, discovered the Steamer. Still unheard of in France, this vertical ironing tool, both fun
and efficient, is the essential ally of fashion professionals: it allows them to quickly wrinkle delicate materials and complicated pieces in boutiques, showrooms and fashion shows.

Olivier and David Gabison saw the potential of the machine in the French market and returned to Paris a few years later with steamers in their suitcases. Very quickly, orders poured in, so much so that the two fashion specialists took the crazy bet of putting their ready-to-wear business on hold to focus on the commercialisation of steamers.


SteamOne Singapore Malaysia Garment Steamer French Success Story


SteamOne revolutionizes the merchandising of fashion stores, by allowing a quick and easy unwrinkling of collections directly in the sales area. The French company is now recognized by fashion professionals and equips 2 out of 3 stores in France. In order to meet the growing demand from the PAP industry but also from the now hotel industry, SteamOne develops specific products for B2B. With the concept of "steam & wear", SteamOne is adapting to the lifestyle of neo consumers and betting on the future with
more intuitive and modern products!

SteamOne Singapore Malaysia garment steamer French benchmark


The simple gesture at home for a quick and efficient result. SteamOne reinvents the "morning routine" with steamers ready to use in a few seconds. Silk, denim, linen, cotton: the steamer's vapor in contact with the fiber removes wrinkles and sanitizes in a few minutes. A quick, fun gesture and aesthetic products designed in our Parisian offices to transform this most hated task into a simple new way to take care of your wardrobe.

Steamone singapore malaysia garment steamer consumer market 


Parisian Design

The aesthetics and ergonomics of SteamOne steamers are unique. The design of our products, iconoclastic, denotes with the products of the
competitors and reflects the desire of excellence of the founding brothers.

The SteamOne garment steamer has its own identity and a DNA close to the Parisian luxury house.

Our integrated design team conceives steamers with a compact and elegant design with meticulous finishing that sublimates the product and adapts to any interior.

Each project is designed and developed in our Parisian offices with the aim of answering the expectations of the consumers.

French Production

From the beginning, SteamOne has been determined to protect French know-how, to control logistics flows and to optimize quality. Now, the company has two ranges of vertical steamers manufactured in France on
two industrial sites: one in Normandy and a second in Saint-Etienne.

French manufacturing, a guarantee of quality, is a strong argument to reach
consumers who are increasingly sensitive to quality purchases.

The Tech Lab

For more than 5 years, SteamOne has decided to collaborate with the best French tech lab to help with product design. Three French tech labs,
experts in the automotive, aeronautical and medical industries, design SteamOne products from A to Z.

The tech labs are involved in the design of plastics, electronics, radiators but also and especially in the industrialization of all SteamOne garment steamers. The choice to work with French tech lab was imposed in order to control the design and innovation of all our products, to optimize the quality and differentiate from the competitors' products.

Behind the scenes of the design and engineering process by our French engineers...


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