Traditional ironing is already not usually the easiest task. But when particularly rebellious and stubborn creases appear on our coats and jackets, it can quickly become hell. Find out here how to get rid of all the creases; thanks to our expert advice and our favorite tip: the steamer

Tips for removing stubborn creases: watch out for your fabrics!

Each fabric has its own characteristics. The internet is full of tricks to overcome a stubborn crease. However, there is rarely any mention of the importance of adapting your technique to the type of fabric to be maintained. Whether it's a mid-season jacket, a long, mid-length coat or even a windbreaker. It will be necessary to wonder about the type of fabric to be smoothed to understand its characteristics:

  • Mid-length denim jackets are very hard-wearing and can withstand heat and humidity very well;
  • Quilted down jackets are often much more fragile and require special attention. Gentle heat and a few drops of water will then be allies of choice;
  • Woolen coats are particularly sensitive to humidity. It is not advisable to use a steaming technique that would use large amounts of water;
  • Silk or faux fur coats are particularly fragile and should be treated with the utmost care.

Either way, it is important to always refer to the manufacturer's advice. Indeed, when you apply the instructions available on the labels, inside the coats. The steamer: The solution to overcome all the folds!

What is a steamer?

Formerly reserved for hotels and textile care professionals, the steamer is becoming more popular today. It becomes accessible to everyone directly at home. A true everyday ally, it excels in smoothing out clothes and getting rid of all stubborn creases. There are two main types of garment steamers:

Vertical steamers

These are powerful household appliances that allow you to steam a large quantity of clothes. They come in the form of a block. You will find the steam generator, the vaporizer head and a telescopic rod to hang the garment. They are very powerful and prove to be the ideal solution for tackling stubborn creases in all kinds of coats.

Portable steamers

Portable clothes steamers are light, handy, discreet and very easy to take anywhere. They are a little less powerful than vertical steamers and have a much lower autonomy. They are nonetheless a very good backup solution at home or when travelling.

How to use a clothes steamer

This type of garment steamer uses the power of steam. This allows you to overcome all the creases and creases, even the most stubborn ones in your wardrobe. These are real technological works at the service of your daily life.

In fact, their use is particularly intuitive and allows you to process all your coats and clothes in record time. Here's how to use a clothes steamer:

You must first fill the water tank to heat it up. A light will tell you when the device has reached the ideal temperature; During this time, place your garment on a hanger directly on the telescopic bar or on a rack. And this, in case you use a portable steamer; Aim the spray head directly at areas to be smoothed or stubborn creases; Activate the head to send the steam to the garment.

Once all your textiles have been steamed, all you have to do is turn off the steamer and put it away. So you can enjoy your perfectly ironed coats and linens!