Vertical or Handheld?

To choose your garment steamer, you can first of all ask yourself whether you want a handheld or free-standing appliance. Besides the aesthetic difference, both are a little different to handle. 

The handheld garment steamer has the great advantage of being very portable. It is compact and light, perfect for travelers. It is an ideal steamer to quickly refresh your clothes in the morning before getting dressed or before a business meeting.

It is also the preferred choice for those who are just getting started on the steaming journey because it is intuitive, easy to use and effective. Many will upgrade to a vertical garment steamer later on in their lives.

The vertical garment steamer comes with a hanger. The hanger is attached to an aluminum rod which allows you to hang any types of clothing. It has a more powerful steam output than the handheld version. It is preferred for smoothening several pieces of clothing in one go. Its larger water tank allows a better autonomy. Some models have interesting compact dimensions if you are looking for a perfect result in a small space. Our Minilys 2 is one of the most compact vertical models of its range.

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What factors should I consider? 

1. Steam Flow Rate (g/min)

Steam flow is expressed in grams per minute “g / min”. This corresponds to the amount of liquid water transformed into vapor per minute. Steam is the main element in anti-crease. The higher the steam output, the better the efficiency of the garment steamer in removing creases! Take note not to be confused with the steam flow rate of steam generator irons where steam is coming out in waves and flow rate is measured at the highest peak of power compared to the continuous steam produced by vertical steamers where flow rate is measured as an average over one minute.

Our handheld model, New S-Nomad, is 30 g/min while our vertical models, Stilys and Minilys 2, are 42 g/min.

2. Power (watt)

Power is measured in terms of watts. It not only determines the speed of heating and flow rate, but is also an indication of how gentle the steam is, and in the end doesn't leave your clothes damp.

All our models are 2000W.

3. Heat Up Time

The heat up time is an important selection criteria. If you plan to use your steamer in the morning, before going to work, it should not make you late! In this case, SteamOne vertical models heat up in 60 seconds and handheld models heat up in 30 seconds.

4. Water Tank and Autonomy

The longer the autonomy, the more clothes you can steam in one go! SteamOne handheld model has a water tank of 150 ml and autonomy of 8 mins. Our vertical model Stilys has a water tank of 1.2 L and autonomy of 60 minutes while our Minilys 2 has a water tank of 1 L and autonomy of 24 minutes.

Although it may seem unimportant, you should check if the water tank can be refilled at any time without waiting even while in use. Some steamers in the market require you to wait until the water lowers in temperature before refilling. 

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    5. Accessories

    True beauty lies in the details and having the right accessories make all the difference in your steaming experience. Our handheld model New S-Nomad comes with a suction hook and universal bottle connector which is the best ally to travel light without the water tank. Our vertical models come with a mini board which helps make the finishing touches like collars perfect. 

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