Depending on your usage, SteamOne has designed different models in different collections with unique characteristics. Read on to find out which model best fits your needs.

Vertical collection for home use:

Minilys 2 concentrates all of SteamOne’s performance and technology into a minimal sized vertical steamer. Thanks to its ultra-compact size, it will easily find a place in any room.

Stilys is the revolution in vertical steamers. On top of the standard features and benefits you would expect from SteamOne, Stilys comes with an exclusive Start & Stop technology feature that automatically controls the delivery of steam only when you need it, providing extra comfort in use while saving up to 40% energy and water. It is elegant, powerful, revolutionary, and intuitive, ideal on any occasion.

Nomad collection for portable use:

New S-Nomad is your everyday partner in portable handheld format. Powerful, compact and ready within a few seconds, perfect for those busy, active and always on the go. You will be able to steam your clothes in no time and stay stylish anywhere, anytime.

steamone product comparison garment steamer stilys vs minilys 2 vs s-nomad

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